The Bradford Bugle: January 2013


Did You Know

••• 89% of Americans make New Years’ resolutions.

••• $1.8 million in bonuses were given to Hostess executives after filing for bankruptcy.

••• “0” shootings, stabbings, or murders were reported in New York City on Nov. 26, 2012.

•••6 of 10 parents are providing financial support to adult children not inschool.

••• The average person eats 35,000 cookies in a lifetime.


Bradford Business Items

••• Our 45th year of business.

••• If you have staffing needs, please let us know

••• Call Heather or April for any - yes any - staffing needs .

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••• 1-11-1973- AL Baseball adopted the designated hitter rule (yes, January)

••• 1-16-1920 – U.S. Prohibition began (December 2012 BUGLE said it ended 12-5-33). Nearly 13 years, does anyone read this?

•••1-26-1870 – Virginia re-admitted to the Union, about 4 yrs. after the 4-9-1865 Lee/Grant surrender Appomattox.

This & That

••• After 80 years of publications, Newsweek, on January 4, 2013will be exclusively a digital magazine.

•••9.5% of U.K. employees sought online depression help in 2012, 19% of U.S. workers did the same.

••• #1 New Years Resolution is to have more fun. #2 is relax, #3 is spend more family time. #5 is exercise, #10 is lose weight.

••• When taking a “non-sick” sick day, 34% say they just don’t feel like going to work, 29% they have a need to relax.

Business Trivia

••• Weather pattern changes are making foods at risk. Chocolate from the Ivory Coast has threatened production due to increased rainfall.  Coffee lands have reduced rainfall, making less beans. Water shortages inGermany is effecting hops, barely and therefore beer production.

•••46% of people say they research a product in a store before buying on line. The big box model is going away, and open spaced well informed sales people are being developed. Proof-Apple Stores sell $6,050/per sq. ft. of store, Best Buy is at $823/sq. ft.