Why should you consider Bradford Staffing over other firms?


Employee Treatment

During our extensive staffing tenure, we have learned how to recruit and retain loyal employees. We provide our employees health, dental, and optical insurance, paid holidays, paid vacations, and pre-tax retirement plans. This keeps our existing employees satisfied and willing to refer others, thus making recruiting of additional candidates easier.

Flexible Billing Options

While we normally bill our clients on a weekly basis, the flexibility that comes with being locally and privately owned allows us to provide billing on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (28-day) cycle.

We are able to accommodate a company’s request.

Screening Process

We personally interview each candidate on a face-to-face basis, thus getting a much better feel for that individual's personality and work ethic. We are also able to provide testing for practically all office skills, as well as:

  • Thoroughly screens applicants
    • References
    • Prior Employment
    • Background
  • Drug screens
  • Background checks
  • DMV reports
  • Financial reports
  • Police reports
  • Candidate Supply Pipeline

With nearly 50 years of operation in Augusta and surrounding counties, Bradford Staffing is constantly receiving referrals from workers that have been Bradford employees in the past. We keep an estimated 3,500 active applications on hand. We are active in civic organizations, advertise thru various mediums, and work closely with the Virginia Employment Commission, the Department of Rehabilitative Services, and federally granted programs.