The Bradford Bugle - November 2018 Edition

Did You Know


•••         If coloring wasn’t added to Coca-Cola it would be green.

••• The dollar symbol ($) was originally made by using a “U” and an “S” combined (U.S.)

•••    Walmart is saving $200 million/yr by switching fluorescent bulbs to LEDs in their stores & parking lots.



•••  November 20, 1984 – McDonalds makes it’s 50 billionth hamburger.

•••      November 25, 1940- Woody Woodpecker is in his 1st film.

•••    November 27, 1924 – 1st Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

•••  November 29, 1890 – 1st ever ArmyNavy football game is played.

This & That


•••     51% of employers use social media to research current employees, and 34% have found content online that caused a reprimand or termination.

••• Hairstylists in Greece get full retirement benefits at age 50 because they work with chemicals.

•••        63% of American homes were decorated for Halloween.

Bradford  Business Items

•••       If you have staffing needs, please let us know.

•••Call Heather or Suzanne or Pebbles for any – yes any & all staffing needs.

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•••Drug Screens &/or background checks for any company- customer or not, just call!



•••     November 3, 1913 – The day  “income tax” is 1st introduced into the USA.

••• . November 9, 1887- Susan B. Anthony votes, even if it was against the law for a woman to vote.

•••     November 9, 1887 – USA receives the rights to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

•••  November 13, 1990- The 1st known World Wide Web page is written.

Business Trivia ~ Virginia Aviation

-66 public airports in VA.

- airports create $22.9 billion economic activity annually.

- aviation related services create 147,000 jobs & $7.7 billion in payroll annually.

- Over 10 million people fly into VA each year and spend an estimated $3.6 billion.