The Bradford Bugle - December 2018 Edition

Did You Know


••• 46% of Americans carved a pumpkin for Halloween in 2018.  

••• Michael Jordan was paid about $9 million in his ENTIRE NBA career. Stephen Curry makes $34 million PER Year.  Jordan’s endorsements have made him a Billionaire.

•••    Sales per person on Black Friday were $373, totaling $4.55 Billion.

•••          Cyber Monday had a record $7.9 Billion in sales.



•••  Dec. 14, 1947 – NASCAR is founded

     in Daytona Beach, FL.

•••      Dec. 18, 1976-Wonder Woman

          debuts on ABC.

•••    Dec. 25, 1223 – 1st Nativity Scene

        is built by St. Francis of Assisi.  

•••  Dec. 31, 1904 – 1st New Year’s Eve

     celebration is held at times Square.

This & That


•••45% of food allergies appear after age 18, mostly shellfish and then tree nuts.

•••   You average 1300 extra calories a week from food brought into the office for sampling or free.

•••Barley-based IPA beers have high silicon, a nutrient that helps build bone.

•••       Brushing your teeth once a day increases the risk of tooth decay by 33 %.

Bradford  Business Items

•••       If you have staffing needs, please let us know.

•••Call Heather or Suzanne or Pebbles for any – yes any & all staffing needs.

••• Like Us On FACEBOOK!

•••Drug Screens &/or background checks for any company- customer or not, just call!



••• Dec. 4, 1619 – 38 colonists arriving in VA and give thanks to God. Considered by most as the 1st Thanksgiving in the Americas.

•••Dec. 9, 1965- A Charlie Brown Christmas premiers on TV.


Business Trivia ~ Saving $$$$

-Know the Company 401K & customize the investments for you

-Open a spousal IRA to stash $5,500/yr.

-If working part time or self-employed, start a ROTH or SEP IRA.

-RETIREPLAN is an app that helps create a savings plan.

-QAPITAL app links to your bank accounts and helps choose how and when you save.