The Bradford Bugle March 2018


NCAA Tourney Talk ••• In 1980 VA Tech’s Les Henson made a shot against Florida State 89’ 3” from the basket. In 1985, Marshall’s Bruce Morris made a shot 89’ 10”, still a record for the longest shot made in NCAA history. ••• NCAA March madness is 19 days long, has 64 games, and it takes 6 straight wins for the Championship. •••Springfield vs Indiana in 1940 scored a total of 8 goals and shot 12.7%. ••• Loyola vs Michigan in 1990 scored a total of 264 points. Final score was 149 to 115-Loyola won Bradford Business Items Every MARCH seem to be filled with basketball MADNESS. March 11-31 is MARCH MATCH-UP For us! Free background checks Free drug screens Free I-9 searches No invoice until 30 days after the 1st employee starts, 50% off any new customer’s existing employees Background Checks & Drug Screens $100 “late fee” if we don’t provide you a written quote within 48 hours of your request. The Madness of March is on for Bradford too!  Individual History ••• Against Ohio, Notre Dame’s Austin Carr scored 61 points in the 1970 NCAA tournament. •••Duke’s Christian Laettner played in 23 tournament games. Duke reached the final four every year from 1989 – 1992. ••• 7’-10” Kenny George played at UNC Ashville as the tallest NCAA player. •••5’-2” Malcolm Ried @ Southeastern Louisiana was the shortest player. ••• In the 1973 title game, Bill Walton shot 95.5% and scored 44 points. •••In 1979 Magic Johnson’s (29 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists) Spartans got the largest margin of victory, beating Penn by 34 points (101-67). More NCAA Tourney Talk ••• Morehead State vs Iowa in 1956 shot 105 free throws. ••• BYU rebounded from a 25-point deficit to beat Iona in 2012. Business Trivia NCAA Tournament Profits: A basketball conference (Like the ACC) splits the money they get from the tournament by each team in their conference. Just BE 1 of the 64 teams? $1.67 million. Get to the final 4? $8.05 million. ACC? over $100 million in the last 3 tournaments and they are expecting in the $38-$40 million range this year.