The Bradford Bugle October 2017


Did You Know •••Avg. age of a new born baby’s Father is 33 yrs. old. 1% of Fathers are over 50 years old.  ••• 71% of U.S. workers say they would not apply to a company experiencing negative press. •••67% of businesses expect to not increase wages in the next 12 months. ••• 78% of women would rather be a millionaire than have a fit physique according to Woman’s Day. Bradford Business Items ••• If you have staffing needs, History •••Oct. 19, 1987 – Dow Jones Index drops 508.32 points. This 22% drop labeled this as “Black Monday” and was 4 times the previous record.  ••• Oct 26, 2014–Wal-Mart apologizes for labeling women’s plus size Halloween costumes as “Fat Girl Costumes” on the web site. This & That ••• NYC & surrounding area is home to 7% of the people population and 23% of the psychiatrists. ••• 73.7% of men and 66.9% of women are overweight. •••Money Watch & say that 44-46% of licensed drivers can’t pass a driver’s license test today (roughly 100 million of us). Business Trivia How people found their current job: 27%-friend recommended firm 22%-friend recommended me 17% - recruited 11%-responded to advertised job 9% - temp to hire position 8% - I found them on the web 4% -I contacted them for their reputation Selling points said about any industry: Hard work gives high $$$ (#1) Exciting, face paced, team-oriented (#2) Personally rewarding (#3) Industry where you learn a lot. (#4)