The Bradford Bugle September 2017


Did You Know •••Each industrial robot reduces employment by 5.6 people. Global robot sales will be over 300,000 this year. ••• #1 trusted toothpaste is Colgate, then Crest & Sensodyne. #9 most trusted is Jason, #10 is Peelu.••• An unknown frog species in Cambodia is found to have green blood and turquoise colored bones. Bradford Business Items ••• If you have staffing needs, History ••• Sep. 19, 1893 – Of all places, New Zealand is the 1st Country to allow women to vote. •••Sep. 22, 1776 –Nathan Hale, executed without trail stated “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country”. ••• Sept. 28 – Good Neighbor Day . This & That ••• U.S. coffee consumption is 1.6 cups/ adult. For coffee drinkers only, we average 3.2 cups/day. •••The average woman unintentionally ingests about 4 pounds of lip products during her lifetime. ••• North Korean dictator Kim Jong spends $700,000 a year on Hennessy Cognac. The average citizen there earns $900/year. Business Trivia Hurricane Harvey will have an estimated economic loss of between $75 billion and $180 billion. Impacts includes: 1. $0.60 jump in gas prices 2. 20% drop in oil exports 3. 21% drop in chemical exports 4. 18% spike in jobless claims 5. 500,000 cars scraped – helping new car sales NEXT year. 6. 20% decrease in insurance stocks